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Chou Chou

Back of branded Chou Chou t-shirt

ChouChou is made in the green heart of Provence. A unique blend of Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Tibouren and Rolle grapes that together create this beautiful light salmon-colored rosé. The wine has expressive scents and flavors of red and stone fruit such as strawberry, raspberry and peach. The result: a delicious rosé that is elegant, fruity and refreshing.

When we received the request to assist in creating merchandise for ChouChou, we didn't hesitate. Let's get right to it! We designed and produced a collection of high-quality, environmentally-friendly loose-fitting t-shirts that perfectly align with the values and image of ChouChou. Here's to a successful collaboration!

Campaign image of Chou Chou wine
Campaign image of white Chou Chou t-shirts
Back of branded Chou Chou t-shirt
Front of branded Chou Chou t-shirt
Back of branded Chou Chou t-shirt
Campaign image of a person pouring Chou Chou
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