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150 years of Heineken

The Sourcing Office has produced a range of high-quality sustainable clothing items to support the celebration of Heineken's 150th anniversary.

These merchandise items have been created specifically for this campaign.


Whether you refer to them as Cold Chatters, Golden Scamps, or Heinies, they don't mind – here's to 150 years of fun! It all began in Amsterdam in 1873, and now Heineken® is a globally recognized beer brand. Their mission is to share fun with everyone, and what better way to do that than by enjoying a refreshing Heineken beer?

To mark the 150th anniversary, Heineken launched a new Dutch campaign and introduced limited edition packaging. The packaging temporarily replaces the Heineken brand name with the 10 most popular nicknames for Heineken® and the 9 for Heineken® 0.0. These Limited Editions are now available in supermarkets for a limited time.

Branded Picknick Blanket by the Sourcing Office
Folded picknick blanket by the Sourcing Office
Front of green Heineken t-shirt
Back of green Heineken t-shirt
Canvas bag with Heineken logo
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